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Welcome to Balanced health. We hope most of your questions have been answered. If you have questions don’t hesitate to call the office or send an email.

Our goal is to help you find solutions to your health challenges in a timely manner and to become part of your healthcare team.

We have made our appointment process simple.

First appointment is an hour long that includes: an in-depth case history; health education; complete evaluation (structural, nutritional, emotional); explanation of findings; first treatment.

Follow-up appointments are 15 min. These are to fine tune your treatments, continue the healing process and to keep your body functioning at an optimum.

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Our Clinic and Historic Building

We are very proud of our building that is Balanced Health. The building itself is one of the original buildings in Historic Downtown Payson. It was built in 1903. The name of the building on the town records is “Ye Olde Drugstore”. It was a drugstore until 1978. At the top of the exterior façade it still says DRUGS. We are proud to restore this old building to it’s original purpose when drugstores provided who, wholesome medicines, holistic remedies, tinctures and therapeutics. The buildings’ history fits our philosophy of taking health back to basics and what worked in the past. Healthcare is not rocket science, it is about giving the body what it needs and getting out of the way and letting it heal. We hope you enjoy this old building as much as we do.

Lori Revo

“Anything that Dr. Thor Mongie puts his mind and efforts toward will be beneficial to all who participate in whatever way they may be guided—as helper, as patient, as friend and support. He is a man of high character, warm heart and loving intent. He is capable beyond measure, caring to the nth degree, and overall the highest caliber of man on the planet. The world needs more men like him, and with this new endeavor called "Balanced Health" more people will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential to be a benefit to the world even as he is."

Reverend Lori Revo,
  Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment

John Belt

“Dr. Thor Mongie is someone who cared about his patients. Too many Doctors want to get you in and out fast. With Thor you know it's all about you.”

Yvette Mears

“Dr. Mongie "cured" me of Complicated Migraines that basically slurred my speech and switched me from speaking English to Spanish when I hadn't spoken Spanish since childhood!! Whenever I showed up for an appointment during a Spanish speaking episode, Dr. Mongie treated me accordingly to my treatment plan even though he didn't speak or understand Spanish himself. He handled those episodes with professionalism and courtesy and thanks to him I've been free from Complicated Migraines since his treatment plan. Dr. Mongie truly cares about his patients and is the BEST there is when it comes to balancing your health.”

Dr. Lloyd Reiter

“Dr. Thor Mongie is my friend and colleague whom I recommend to patients seeking skilled and principled chiropractic care.”

Dr. Lloyd Reiter,
  Doctor of Chiropractic; Naturopathic Doctor